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Architecture Term of the Day

Just A Daily Vocabulary Word to Add to Your Mental Library
Jul 19 '13


the low-pitched gable enclosed by the building’s horizontal and raking cornices of a Greek or Roman temple. also, a similar or derivative element used to surmount a major division of a facade or crown an opening

Jul 16 '13


a geometric figure having the three dimensions of length, breadth, and thickness

Jul 15 '13


an ancient Egyptian tomb made of mud brick, rectangular in plan with a flat roof and sloping sides, from which a shaft leads to underground burial and offering chambers

Jul 14 '13

in antis

between antae, the rectangular piers or pilasters formed by thickening the end of a projecting wall

Jul 13 '13


a detail that is emphasized by contrasting with its surroundings. also, a distinctive but subordinate pattern, motif, or color.

Jul 12 '13


an area used for a stroll or walk, esp. in a public place, as for pleasure or display

Jul 11 '13

tensile structure

a thin, flexible surface that carries loads primarily through the development of tensile stresses

May 31 '13

hypostyle hall

a large hall having many columns in rows supporting a flat roof, and sometimes a clerestory: prevalent in ancient Egyptian and Achaemenid architecture

May 20 '13


the major part of a pedestal between the base and the cornice or cap. also, the lower portion of an interior wall when faced or treated differently from the upper section, as with paneling or wallpaper

May 19 '13


a tall, four-sided shaft of stone that tapers as it rises to a pyramidal point, originating in ancient Egypt as a sacred symbol of the sun-god Ra and usually standing in pairs astride temples entrances